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In the 1970’s a builder was called to fix some squeaky stairs at a small private library in North Devon. In order to make the repair he had to smash a hole in a sealed wall. Behind the wall in a cardboard box some immaculately preserved book jackets were discovered. Why they came to be there is unknown, luckily the residents who found them fell in love with the designs and kept them for over 35 years.

Years later when the internet came along, the rarity of the book jackets became known.

Fiction Prints are happy to offer these beautiful designs as poster sized digital art prints. The highly collectable first-generation dust jacket designs are exclusively available on this website some 75 years after they first appeared in bookshops.

Timeless ­– the golden age of illustration

Our collection of book cover illustrations from which the prints have been reproduced date back to the golden age of literature.

Zeitgeists of modern graphic design, the genres include Romance, Crime, Mystery and Adventure. The latest digital reproduction techniques have given new life to this stunning art. Unlike many of today’s mass-produced posters, these designs have a timeless quality.

The artists featured include Joseph Abbey, Hookway Cowles, Cecil Mary Leslie, Bip Pares, Eugene Hastain, Arthur Barbosa and Joseph Greenup, to name but a few.

Feel free to browse, discover more information on the book cover art illustrations, the artists and the fascinating period between the wars when they were created.